Monday, September 12, 2011

TIA (This is Africa)

It took me an hour to get on this site... and this is the nicest internet cafe here (there are two).
On Saturday I moved in with my host family. They instantly said that they loved me and called me their daughter. They are a middle class family so they have a house they built. They do not have electricity or running water. I do, however, have my own room. My host parents have 9 children... 7 of which are at school. I have a brother Samuel and a brother Robin who live at home. My father works for the Acholi cultural institution. He is quite knowledgable and cool. This blog is short because I am going to try to walk home with some friends from SIT until I don't know where I am going and call myself a boda driver. I am not going to lie, this is all really difficult. The language is very hard to learn, it is kind of awkward, and I in general hate feeling like a guest. I know it will get easier and I am happy to be coming to school everyday and talk with my SIT folk. I think these blogs will start to get better when I start to understand what is actually going on in my head. So far, I have just been just trying to live and understand everything that is going on that I have not stopped to just live. I suppose I will sit in my room tonight and write down everything that is going on so I can start to process everything and stop feeling this disconnect when i go to actually blog. I think it is partially a defense mechanism because I am here for almost 4 months.

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