Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shady's Back, Tell a Friend

This post is for all those SIT Post-Conlict Fall 2011 folks... all 11 of you.

I am here and when I was the US I don't think I was able to fully grasp how much I missed all of you. Now that I am here, I am experiencing vivid flashback memories. It is crazy.

What I have realized is...

1) Our group was absolutely amazing.
2) It was the best semester of my life with you all
3) It was a truly once in a lifetime experience and I want it back... now.

Now... Some memories I have forgotten...

1) When Morgan picked us up from the airport looking like a million bucks.... Charlotte and I went in that car and were convinced we would be murdered. You all were in the bigger car packed to the max with bags.

2) We showed up at Bat Valley and got some yummy sambosa and I bitched about how tired I was. We then had a nice little pow wow with Dr. William and Morgan telling us about the future experience we will have. Then we went to get cell phones and almost got hit by cars 3 million times because we were 14 American kids trying to walk through Kampala.

2A) That second pow wow with Morgan outside Bat Valley where we got eachothers numbers and spoke of monsoon season and hitler.

3) The bus ride to Gulu. It broke. We waited until some taxis came and then we saw Baboons and I freaked out.

4) Acholi Ber. Finding Cafe Larem. Our "drop off".

5) Finding sunglasses.

6) The first weekend at our homestays... Idk about you all but I was freaking out and kind of bored.

7) Our first trip to Kitgum... Munu Mischeif... Acholi bar whatever it was called where you handed money through a peephole.

8) KSP

9) BJz

10) So many pirated movies.

11) That time Samantha almost got me killed in Rwanda. It is okay girl. I forgive you along with my U.S. Embassador father/ Owner of Discovery Channel father.

12) My first boda ride!... I am sure you remeber your first as well.

13) Pink Room with Bethany... All of those extremely intelligent conversations. I miss those.

14) Champanzees are smarter than humans?

15) OC Time! also PLL.

16) Sippi Falls! Winnie trying to walk down to the fall...

17) Winnie... In general.

18) Runescape or w.e. game you losers would play...

19) One-beer Samantha!

20) Car ride with Kony's brother/uncle!? RIP Charlottes Ipod

21) Miley Cirus homestay party... Wtf.

22) That time Annie came back to our ISP house from visiting her homestay... Too many alcohols.

23) Winnie's birthday cake.

24) That dude who spoke about amnesty and offended most of us... on purpose?

25) All that water at our ISP house... Oh wait.

26) Ping pong games while watching Annie scream whenever Tuft's ugly singer came on the TV

27) David on the last night of our Kitgum party.

28) Thanksgiving

29) Acholi Pride 2 times a day... every day... for a week

30) Sippi Falls hotel... The view of the mountains.

31) Sippi cups from the orange supermarket and trying to open wine bottle

32) Visiting Gulu Independent way too many times.

33) Trying to watch the Uganda Cranes at 348394 different places

34) Fuglies?

There are many more... but holy eff I miss all of you and that experience way too much. We had it good. I say SIT reunion party in Gulu at some point in our lives... I am not kidding. Really... I am not.