Thursday, September 15, 2011

Short Post

Tonight we all decided to go out to eat as a group because it has just been one of those weeks. One person decided to leave, and one person was in the hospital for tonsilitous (sp), and 2 people are in the hospital for typhoid. We are a winning group. Every week is getting easier and easier. I suppose the only hard thing is understanding how I have a new life here, and an old life at home. I guess I am concerned my life at home won't keep a place for me as it does not really have a place here. It is all about balance though, and I will figure it out. It is only week 2 even though it feels like a lot more. I just have to remember to give myself time. Africa is so friendly... on the brightside. I got lost walking home yesterday and a reverend decided he would walk me home and invited me to talk to his orphanage one of these days. I am excited, he is really cool.

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