Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here we go Kampala

Today we left our homestays with all of our stuff and we are going to head to Kampala. For breakfast this morning... My mego made me samosas, chapati, odi (peanut butter but better), milk tea, banannas, papaya, guava, orange juice, oranges, and boiled eggs. To say the least... I loved it and am spoiled. I will miss my mego so much. The conversations we have had have been life-changing (corny) and the work I have done with her may or may not have taught me how much of a lazy-ass I am at home. I can feel that I have changed, I think it is all for the good. I hope I can keep this change for when I reach home.

I will visit my family when I get back from Rwanda, but I will be living with the other 13 students in a huge house. It has running water, electricity, and a huge modern kitchen. I feel a little bad about this... but I will also really want all of these things while i am doing research.

My research project is why has HIV/AIDS prevelance risen dramatically with the introduction to ARVS... My advisor thinks that HIV has gone up because people are simply giving the drugs out without infomring people that they can still spread HIV on medication.... I think it will be interesting and open up a whole new lot of questions as well.

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