Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The US of A

I got back to the US yesterday at around 3. My lovely parents drove 3 hours+ to the airport to pick up my suitcase, give me a smaller bag, and take me to get some food. I am spoiled. I then took an hour flight to DC and spent the night at a house. I then woke up early to go to court. I was arrested for protesting AIDS budget cuts that intended to kill 2 million+ people. I am now in the court room cafe writing this blog waiting for my 7pm flight to Boston.

Traveling back from Bangladesh was full of emotions. We got to the airport at 745pm and our flight was changed to leave at 8. We arrived at the desk and the man at the desk upgraded our tickets to buisness class. Let me rewind... We left from the guesthouse and Amina and Michel walked us out. Amina was crying and Michel gave a nice Dutch goodbye with three kisses. We showed up at the airport and Shobuj was there to say bye. He left work early and waited for us an hour at the airport. Luckily he was there ebcause our taxi driver tried to hassle us for more money and beggers started to surround us until Shobuj told everyone to go away. He also showed us to our terminal. I will miss all three of them very much... but I have plans to go back to Bangladesh next year and see them. I want to study water there because A) It is green and gross B) India sucks and either floods them or causes a drought and C) Because I am looking for a reason to go back to see the three amigos.

Anyways... Now I am in America and it is incredibly comfortable. Driving seems very slow and I get impatient. Everything is in excess and it is kind of annoying. Everything is also really expensive.

I will be posting pictures in the next few days. I will also be updating on the writing of the book and plans for Uganda. That is the future of this blog. The major writing will start in September again when I am in Uganda/Rwanda.

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