Saturday, May 14, 2011

Because I can/should.

This is a blog for anyone who is interested in my upcoming travels. It is also a way to stay connected to people while I am in country and hopefully post cool pictures.

I will be traveling to Bangladesh to do research in 10 hours and am still packing because I am a winner. I will be researching the Millennium Development Goals and their effect on Bangladesh for 2 weeks in country. I will then be spending the summer compiling the research into a case study of a textbook that will be written with 9384203482039 other students/graduates/professor. It is going to be fun.

I will be traveling to Bangladesh with two other post-grads and we will be staying in Dhaka at a palce called Good Morning Dhaka. It is a guesthouse that is a branch of an NGO that takes kids off the streets or away from low paying dangerous jobs and gives them fair-paying jobs and an education. From my understanding, some of the kids work in the guesthouse learning skills like air-conditioning fixing/ plumbing/ electric/ housekeeping/etc. We also will be interviewing some NGOs and people. Fun.

In September I will be leaving for my study abroad program that is based in Uganda with a two week excursion to Rwanda. I will be taking a few classes and be doing an independent research project. Fun.

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